Alternate Strips!

The story: Long ago in a land far away, there was a comic strip, and that comic strip was remade by a bunch of people.
Here is the original (not sure if the links to their sites work anymore):

The alternates (click to see full image):

3 By Veavitdpoh

By Karva of Karva Komix

By Mark of Ghostz

By Dave of Living in Greytown

by Roger of Just Another Vice

by Eight of Road Waffles

by Oan of 'Gunz
this spot intentionally left blank
by Grosse

by "The Moose King" of Forsooth

3 by "Masked Moo Cow"

by Russ of Ko Fight Club

by Funk

by Ken of tsuduku

by Mike of Fat Jesus

by Nate Lockwood of Questionable Tales

by Jeffery McLean of MeowPawjects